Sri Vaidya Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendra

sri vaidya ayurveda chikitsa kendra and wellness centre is a means to introduce people of modern era to a healthy life once again. We treat various diseases through Ayurveda with absolutely no side-effects.

At sri vaidya ayurveda chikitsa kendra and wellness centre, we aim to provide the best and updated Ayurvedic treatment and services that help many to put an end to diseases permanently and take a step towards healthy life. In result, today patients of over 26 countries trust Sri Vaidya Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendra for their health needs.

Patient Testimonials

  • Today i have taken ayurveda cleanup.the service provided is very good basically the environment is favorable for me.i love the ayurvedic treatment because natural materials suits me.i have gone through other services in other places but not so satisfied.hence started with this method yes i am satisfied regarding service.

    Mrs Nina (principal)

  • Very rejuvenating massage.awesome experience of shirodhara trained and polite staff, with professional attitude. snehapanam has been very satisfying experience for me. During this four days of snehapanam I have felt energetic and calm, Which I’ve never experienced before.It also helped me in curbing my munching habit.I experienced sense of control in my appetite too. Abhyangam massage has been very therapeutic for me.

    Mrs Shrreya Mishra (House wife)

  • Joined treatment with severe joint pain and swelling, After 15 sittings there is relief in pain&swelling has subsided,but not gone away.General comfort level &mobility has increased . Very goodcare & Panchakarma  treatment.

    Neena Rai 74yrs

  • Was suffering from chronic Back ache for almost twelve years , it was radiating to my right leg , Pain used to be severe while standing. Ihad lot of problems with my official duties. I had undergone a package suggested by SRI Vaidya , and completely happy with the results . Kateevasti treatment was excellent. I should say that’s a miracle Therapy.

    Mr. Ajeet Sharma (43 yrs, Service)

  • Came to SriVaidya for my chronic cervical spondylosis and starting of frozen shpoulder, I do suffer from Migraine, Sinusitis, Hypertension and Diabetes . Here I had taken a course of 21 days Panchakarma package and almost 80% of my problems are solved , I know I need to continue medication and follow up treatments also in regular intervals .My pains become very much better, no radiation, movements became easier overall life become much easier .Thanks Sri Vaidya Team.

    Mrs.Chanderkala ( 52yrs Service)

  • I had 12 sessions of abhyangam, shirodhara and swedna.Its rejuvenating my weight has reduce around 12 kgs in 7 months and also helping me to control my BP.Overall it is too good for my age and my constitution of body thanks sri vaidya.

    Dr K D Sharma

  • I take only 3 sessions and there is relief in my pain.I am satisfied.will be back for more next time.Therapist quite good at her job.she focused on my pain areas.

    Megha (cervical pain)

  • I take allopathy treatment last 6 months.But i have no results.Than i joined ayurveda 15 days treatment.after 3 sessions i take 30% relief in my shoulder and legs.I complete my 15 days package now i am 90 % satisfied with this treatment.My pain and stiffness has reduced.Doctors and staff very nice and co operative thanks.

    Jamna Devi (House wife)

  • I was suffering from RA and osteoporosis tried allopathic treatment for over 8 years but as i found it was meant only for pain management.after this treatment at sri vaidya i am feeling better .this treatment does not have side effects which allopathic treatment has done to me.

    Suchita Sharma (House wife)

  • It was a great experience and pleasure to take weight loss treatment in sri vaidya.I have lost 20 kgs in 3 months along with my diet and walk.But a big role in inch loss goes to the therapists and doctor here.

    rani sen (House wife)