This is non-infectious disorder of skin; where white lesion (Patches) are formed. Vitiligo is caused by stoppage of melanin (colour pigment) formation by melanin producing cells, melanocytes; as a result depigmented macules are formed. These macules may vary in size and shape and can be located in any part of the body even on mucus membrane of lip and genitals. The common areas affected are face, hand,feet, axilla, groins and trunk. The areas which are subjected to friction and trauma are usually involved; and any damage to skin leaves to white depigmented scar.Vitiligo in Ayurvedic literatures is described as ‘SHVITRA’ or “Shveta Kusth”, while classifying Kusth in its eighteen main types. The lesions of vitiligo are painless and remain sensory unlike Leprosy. Expect the cosmetic defects vitiligo is an absolutely harmless disease.

There is a common myth about the vitiligo that it can not be cured but contrary to this; remarkable repigmentation can be achieved in every patient and its spread can be arrested; provided that patient follows dietary restrictions and take appropriate treatment for prescribed period. A proper assessment of known causative factor of vitiligo; such as plastic slippers, shoes, gloves, bindi, and other rubber or plastic materials ;pressure or trauma is mandatory and if there is any such factors, patients should discard them.
Ayurvedic treatment:

Both sodhan (Purification) and Shaman chikitsa is advocated for vitiligo.

Herbal drugs are of mainly two types.

Photo sensitizing drugs.
Blood purifiers.

PHOTO SENSITIZING DRUGS:-It includes Psoral), Semicarpus anacardium (Marking nut) and Ficus hispida (Kakodumbar).These drugs are used locally as well as systematically with sun exposure. Sun exposure is advised after three hours of drug administration.
BLOOD PURIFIRES:- These drugs are Haridra (Curcuma longa); Bhrigaraj(Eclipta alba);Guduchi( Tinospora cardifolia); Sariva (Hemidascus indicus); Khadir(Acasia catachu);Apamarga( Acaranthus aspara) are used to redress blood morbidity.

Ras Ausadhi (HERBO MINIRAL DRUGS):-It includes chiefly Ras Manikya, Taal Sindur, and Talkeshwar Ras.These drugs act like immuno suppressant and usually used in those patients where spread of disease is very fast.Tamra bhasma, Kashish bhasm Subhra bhasm are also used to initiate regimentation.

After initiation of repigmentation; treatment must be continued till the desired complete regimentation of all the lesions are achieved. But some stubborn lesions especially of mucosal surface of palms and finger tips; sometimes responds very poorly or incomplete.

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