No Medicine and Treatment Oil Charges include in the above charges

Patient’s Guidelines

  • Please avoid bringing costly items to the hospital. There might be a chance of losing/misplacing them.
  • Visiting hours and rules have been developed to ensure that the care of patients is not disrupted. Visitors to patients must abide by these rules.
  • Patients are not allowed to carry their mobile phones inside the treatment section, kindly give it to your respective person. However, they may be switched on in the waiting areas.
  • Patients are requested to take care of their belongings while having stay in the hospital .No Consideration will be taken by management.
  • The Management keeps the right of discharging any patient without assigning any reason.
  • We regulate the drugless treatment hence drugs /medicines of any framework will have to be discontinued after revealing to the specialists who whenever considered vital will inform decreasing regarding prescription.
  • The institute keeps the right to check the luggage or room of the patients to ensure the chances of any prohibited materials.
  • Smoking, drugs, Alcohol or anything belong to this group are strictly forbidden.
  • It is mandatory for patients to stay minimum 3 nights for treatment at Sri Vaidya.
  • Patients who are above 60 years of age are treated as Senior Citizen.
  • It is mandatory for patients to hand over their Photo ID and one copy of the same.
  • Out-door patient facility is also available, subject to accessibility of earlier arrangement.