Migraine is a very common form of headache, seen in nearly 15 % of the population. Women are more likely to suffer from migraine, than men. Usually there is a hereditary component seen among sufferers.


In Ayurveda, migraine is very similar to “Anantavaata”, a vata dosha disorder. There is another condition described in Ayurveda, the “Ardhavabhedak”. However, ardhavabhedak only refers to the one-sided headache and does not encompass migraine completely.


Ayurvedic View:

According to Ayurvedic principles, migraine is a tridosha disorder,Out of the three doshas, Vata and pitta dosha are the prominent factors. Vata controls the nervous system and brain activity and it is the imbalance of this Vata that causes the diseases. Vata imbalance arises due to improper metabolism, poor elimination, mental and physical stress, viewing of TV for long periods, reading with insufficient light, sleeplessness, etc.Out of the three doshas, pitta dosha is the most prominent factor. “Pitta” causes dilation of the blood vessels, which causes the onset of a migraine attack.


Therapies for Migraine


Application of herbal pastes which pacifies Pitta Dosha  like Sandal wood,Jatamansi  etc.

Shiro dhara

Oils like Ksheerabala,Chandanadi, Mahanarayana Taila are found to be very effective in Migraines.

Ksheeradhara, Takra dhara are also performed in some cases.

Shiro vasti is also very effective in Migraines.

Sneha Nasya with Anutaila ,Shadbindu taila are is the main Therapy.

Kavalagraha (Oil pulling) with Chandanadi tailas , Mahanarayana is another Therapy indicated for Migraine.



Pathyadi Kwatha

Pathyakshadhatryadi kwatha

Shirashoola vajra Rasa

Bhoonimbadi Kwatha

Kamadughda Rasa


Godanti Bhasma


Migraine and Constipation

In many cases migraine patients often suffer with constipation and gastritis,symptoms such as burning sensation in stomach bloating etc.Treatment for Constipation is very effective in reducing Migraine attacks intensity and frequency.


Migraine and Women

Migraine is seen in women nearing to periods and elderly women nearing menopause.In this treatment for hormonal imbalance is useful.


Migraine and Pranayama

In many patients Pranayama techniques requiring holding breath may worsen attacks. So its better to stick on simple techniques.