Your Comfort Our Pleasure

Sri vaidya is significantly more than only an Ayurveda focus, It is a spot to alter your way of life and lift your life through energy. The air here is intended to continually persuade each health devotee and guest. Relieving green scenes and water bodies are certain to make a sweet surge of serenity in your psyche. Sri Vaidya is a standout amongst other all encompassing wellbeing focuses in India, offering extravagance settlement for corporate retreat programs. A Luxury retreat at standard with the top occasion convenience and an all encompassing focus offering all-round wellbeing, It is an uncommon wellbeing and health retreat you should visit.

Our strength

Dedicated service of excellent physicians from Ayurveda ,Physio therapy and Yoga .
Ayurvedic treatment experience of generations
Usage of genuine, Ayurvedic medicines
Incorporation of most modern technologies for fool-proof diagnosis
Well trained, friendliest therapists and staff
Uncompromising approach to quality and class

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Gaushala in Campus

Gaushala (Cow Shed) has been constructed under the trustwhere high breed Deshi Cows are reared to obtain valuable cow products used as medicine. Ayurvedic and Naturopathy products and treatments requires cow milk, cow urine , dung etc. The dung obtained from this will be used as compost manure so that the food grains ,fruit , vegetables can be available which would be free of chemical fertilizers .The domestic breed of these cattle will be used to increase the cattle breed so that the cows can be respected and protected .

Nursery in Campus

S.S Nursery has been established in the campus. This Nursery has beautiful collection of more than 100 medicinal and non-medicinal herbs, shrubs , trees and climbers plants . To popularize the knowledge of Ayurveda among future generations and to conserve commonly available medicinal plants established in Nursery.